Full Meaning In English, CPU ৰ সম্পৰ্ণ নাম কি?

  • LIC=Life Insurance Corporation of India
  •  BASIC=Beginers All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.
  •  AC= Air Conditioned.

  • ALU= Arithmetic Logical Unit.
  • USA=United State of America.

USA উত্তৰ আমেৰিকাৰ এক সৰ্বব্যহত দেশ। এই দেশত বহু যুগ যুগ ধৰি মুল নিৰ্বাসীসকলে বসবাস কৰি আহিছিল।গতিকে সেইসকল লোকে ইয়াক নিজৰ অধিনত আনে আৰু তেতিয়াৰ পৰাই নাম ৰখা হয় USA.
  • CAB = Citizenship Amendment Bill.
  • CAT = Common Admission Test.
  • CPU= Central Processing Unit.

  • CPU আচলতে কি?
  • CPU হৈছে কম্পিউটাৰৰ এটা প্ৰধান কাৰ্যকৰী অংশ অৰ্থাৎ পৰিচালক বা মস্তিষ্ক।ইয়াৰ কাম হৈছে বিভিন্ন ধৰনৰ তথ্য-পাতি সঞ্চিত কৰা আৰু ইয়াৰ অংশবোৰৰ মাজত সকলো তথ্য-পাতি, নিৰ্দেশ আদিৰ প্ৰবাহ ঘটোৱা।
  • CCA= City Compensatory Allowance.
  • Covid= Coronavirus Disease.
  • CAA = Citizenship Amendment Act.
  • CAD = Computer Aided Design.
  • RAM= Random Access Memory.

RAM হৈছে কম্পিউটাৰৰ এটা অংশ। য'ত আমি সকলো তথ্য-পাতি ক্ষণস্থায়ীভাৱে  সংৰক্ষন কৰি ৰাখিব পাৰো।
  • ROM=Read Only Memory.
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ROM হৈছে কম্পিটাৰৰ আনএটি অংশ। ইয়াত যিকোনো তথ্য পাতি চিৰস্থায়ীভাৱে সংৰক্ষন কৰি ৰাখিব পাৰি। ইয়াত তথ্য পাতিসমূহ অধ্যয়নহে কৰিব পাৰি।
  • WHO=World Health Organization.
  • The UK= United Kingdom.
  • AIDS= Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
  • HIV= Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
  • DC =Deputy Commissioners
  • OC= Officer-in-Charge(Stands of Officer-in-Charge).
  • PC= Police Constable.
  • DSP= Deputy Superintendent Police.
  • SSP= Super Superintendent Police.
  • DIG=Deputy Inspector General.
  • IPS= Indian Police Service
  • MLA= Member of the Legislative Assembly. 
(A Member of the Legislative Assembly)
  • VDP= Village Defence Officer.
  • UP= Uttar Pradesh 
  • MP= Madhya Pradesh
  • HP= Himachal Pradesh 
  • UNO= United Nations Organization
  • BBC= British Broadcasting Corporation 
  • BC=Before Christ 
  • SDM= Sub-Divisional Magistrate 
  • SM= Station Master 
  • ASM= Assistant Station Master 
  • VC=Vice-Chancellor 
  • AG= Accountant General 
  • CR= Confidential Report 
  • IAS= Indian Administrative Service 
  • I.P.S. Indian Police Service 
  • IFS= Indian Foreign Service or Indian Forest Service 
  • IRS= Indian Revenue Service.
  • NRC=National Register Citizen(The National Register of Citizens)
  • WWW= World Wide Web.
  • IC= Integrated Circuit.
  • CU=Control Unit.
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  • PC=Personal Computer
  • DVD=Digital Versatile Disc.
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  • CD= Compact Disc.
  • DDT=Dycloro Dyphenill Tricloroethen.
  • LASER= Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
  • RBI= Reserve Bank Of India.
  • PNB= Punjab National Bank.
  • SBI= State Bank Of India.
  • HIV= Human Immune Virus.
  • ASHA= Accredited Social Health Activist.
  • STD= Sexually Transmitted Disease.
  • TMC= Thousand Million Cubic feet.
  • BOD= Biochemical Oxygen Demand.
  • WLTA= Water Land And Trees Art.
  • ICRISAT= International Crop Research Institute For Semi-Arid Tropics.
  • WHO= World Health Organization.
  • BBF= Broad Bed Furrow.
  • PCT= Proximate Convoluted  Tubule
  • ESRD= End State Renal Disease.
  • CNS= Central Nervous System.
  • ANS= Autonomous Nervous System.
  • DCT= Distal Convoluted Tubule.
  • MOEF= Ministry Of Environment And Forest.
  • ADP= Adinosin Di Phosphate.
  • ATP= Adinosin Try Phosphate.
  • NADP= Nicotinamide  Adenine Di  Nucleotide Phosphate.
  • EBWR= Edula Baad  Water Reservoir.
  • UNDP= United Nations Development Programme.
  • MTR= Mountain Top Removal.
  • WCS= World Conversation Strategy.
  • IUCN= International Union For  Conservation Of Nation.
  • MD= Doctor Of Medicine.
  • TGT= Trained Graduate Teacher.
  • MBA= Master Of Business Administration.
  • MCA= Master Of Computer Application.
  • BBA= Bachelor Of Business Administration.
  • BCA= Bachelor Of Computer Application.
  • IAS= Indiana Administrative Service.
  • PCS= Provincial Civil Service.

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